A Python library for fast locality-sensitive hashing, with persistency support through Redis.

PyCon Canada

I was one of the core oragnizers for the first (2012) and second (2013) PyCon Canada in Toronto.

500 Ducks

A fast reverse image search engine for I initially built during the Pixel Hack Day, and kept on working to improve it. This search engine is capable of finding near-duplicates photos (for e.g., watermarked and with text overlay), as well as photos that are similiar. This project is no longer available.

Computer Graphics: Ray Tracing

A ray tracer written in C++ that demonstrates shadows, antialiasing, extended light sources, motion blur, reflection as well as refraction.

Digital Full-color Holography

Optics Lab, University of Toronto

A project in which I created a 3D model clip in Blender, and then made a full-color hologram out of it with the help of a class 4 laser.